About us

The Institute of Innovation and Responsible Development INNOWO is a non-governmental organization, THINk to DO TANK established to ​​support the development of innovation and implementation of systemic changes for the purpose of sustainable socio-economic progress. INNOWO is cooperating with various stakeholder groups such as scientists, government administration, decision makers, businesses and NGO’s in order to initiate joint actions to improve the situation of society and environment’s condition.

We combine knowledge of many disciplines with expertise at the local and international level, which allows us to achieve a broader perspective and conduct effective, coordinated activities.

Integration, competency and cooperation

INNOWO not only works with various stakeholder groups, but inspires and encourages cooperation with as many partners as possible. We strive to use innovation to set new and better paths to a sustainable future.

We support decision-makers in identifying effective legislative and policy instruments to engage businesses and consumers in achieving a significant and lasting change towards sustainable production and consumption.

We show businesses the importance of cooperation, transparency of their actions and assist them in identifying relevant market opportunities. In effect we support the development of socially responsible entrepreneurship.

We help consumers to recognize the consequences of their choices and awaken the sense of responsibility for our planet.