We support the implementation of technological and systemic innovations in health care. To this end, we identify promising industry development paths, as well as barriers resulting in reduced system efficiency and adverse effects for the patients. Our analyses, based primarily on economic tools, confirm the importance of effective medical expenses as an investment resulting in health, economic and social situation improvement of Poles.

Circular economy

The implementation of the circular economy concept provides an opportunity to radically modify the current economic model. The Institute works towards the dissemination of this concept in theory and practice among all stakeholders - consumers, producers and regulators. By creating a cooperation platform, we try to create a bright economic and social future, based on informed and sustainable choices.

Sustainable energy

The Institute supports innovations in the energy sector, starting from the popularization of the use of renewable energy sources and ending with the reduction of energy consumption. The modification of producers and consumers behaviour requires not only technological but also social changes. We undertake these challenges with the help of research, education and networking activities.

Smart Cities

The progressive urbanization of society poses new challenges for us in the form of adverse environmental, social and economic effects. In order to improve the quality of life in cities, the Institute supports the use of information and communication technologies. As a result, we hope above all to increase civic participation and add a new quality to the way cities manage their resources.

Social innovations

The Institute tries to respond to emerging needs and limit the negative effects of currently observed social changes. Using the tools of behavioural economics, social education

and involvement in legislative processes, we try to eradicate, among others, the inefficiencies rooted in our culture, externalization of negative social effects connected with new business

models or ineffective schemes of public life. We believe that through merit-based actions we can permanently improve the quality of life for all members of the society.

Odpowiedzialny rozwój MŚP

According to the Institute, the support of small and medium enterprise sector in Poland can be an important factor in the permanent improvement of the standard of living of citizens, primarily through promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and the development of the middle class. This development cannot be expressed only in standard economic terms. We see the need to instil responsibility for an individual employee, the society and the environment in which we live among entrepreneurs.

Digitization and industry 4.0

New technical possibilities allow us to become more and more effective in economic and social activities. Automation, digitalization and increased connectivity can contribute to living standards improvements. The Institute supports responsible implementation of these technologies preceded by a substantive analysis, also taking into account the risks associated with their irresponsible use.

Cashless society

More and more economic transactions are taking place online, though standard payment methods remain relatively costly and time-consuming. In the light of these factors, the introduction of new methods of transferring money ​​seems unavoidable. The Institute supports the implementation of these technologies through involvement in research and social education. We hope to contribute to the development of a user-oriented system in which costs, time and transaction risk are minimized.