Economic reports and analyses

(i.a. indirect costs of diseases, economic efficiency)

The team of leading Polish economists will carry out an analysis of costs and economic impact of selected phenomena, innovations and systemic changes. In particular, we deal with the analysis of total costs of disease, which are carried out in close cooperation with experts from the National Health Fund and the Social Insurance Institution. Reports prepared by us also concern the impact of individual enterprises or industries on the Polish economy.

Regulatory impact studies

We analyse the economic and social effects of the implemented regulations and legislative solutions based on research and social consultations among interested stakeholder groups. By conducting comprehensive analysis and collecting opinions and suggestions, we develop recommendations and guidelines for decision-makers.

Process modelling

The process modelling aims at examining the course of events and relationships between various groups of stakeholders in order to improve the efficiency of the analysed practice. Thanks to this kind of investigation, one can identify barriers, bottlenecks and ineffective activities, which is the first step to improve their efficacy.

Case study

We provide analysis and consulting services regarding business models. Comprehensive case study analysis is based on business model canvas and value preposition canvas, which allows an accurate description of how companies create and deliver value to their clients.

Sociological analysis of behaviour, consumer and social trends

As part of the research, we analyse the behaviour of market entities and the sociology of consumption. Our main areas of interest are new trends in consumption, such as: deconsumption, consumption greening, prosumption and online consumption. We examine the economic activities of entities in a globalized world and cultural values, norms and patterns determining their consumption behaviour.

Multistakeholder involvement

A platform for the exchange of experiences between stakeholders. At INNOWO we understand the importance of involvement of many stakeholder groups. We try to connect all participants of the ecosystem - those who make the decision, those responsible for its implementation and those whom it directly affects. Understanding the different perspectives and interests will allow for effective implementation of new strategies. As part of building an experience exchange platform, we organize debates, workshops and round tables that combine knowledge and various expert opinions to develop and implement effective solutions.

Business intelligence

Our research department provides various types of market, industry and sector analysis. We carry out the mapping of stakeholders, examine the links between them, assess the opportunities and threats and develop perspectives on the development of the examined socio-economic areas.

Communication and social education

We successfully create and implement communication strategies. A team experienced in communication and public relations matters will carry out all kinds of events, conferences, meetings for the media or nationwide educational campaigns. We strive to ensure that the message is prepared in an attractive and simple to understand form. Even the most complex reports can be presented in terms understandable for a layman. For this purpose we use infographics, animations and videos. We reach a wide group of audience by effectively using social media.