#EUCircularTalks: Governance and system change


On behalf of the whole ECESP Leadership Group on Food waste, Food system and bioeconomy the INNOWO Institute would like to invite you to take part in our first #EUCircularTalks out of a series of four virtual meetings. The first talk will focus on governance and system change, a topic that is indispensable for a just and effective bioeconomy and food system circular transition.

The meeting will take place online via Zoom on May 18th, 10:00 AM – 12:00 AM.

The area of food waste, food system, and bioeconomy is crucial to a successful circular transition. The need for the EU to shift from a linear logic in bioeconomy towards circularity and sustainability is a clear one. But how to attain circularity in this sector? The question of conflicting goals for a circular bioeconomy development is a vital one. The industry's dependence on technical, economic, and social prerequisites creates a pressing need for the development of a comprehensive governance framework, transition management, and systemic development that will make circular transformation feasible.

During the meeting we will present real-life examples of practices that offer the highest circular potential, which could act as a starting point for discussion on how to optimally attain the goal of circular economy advancement in the area of bioeconomy. All participants are welcome to comment on the presented solutions and suggest possible ways of implementing them on a larger scale.

You will find a detailed agenda under the following link: http://circularhotspot.pl/en/events/449.